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Common Sense Divorce Help for Parents
This site offers good common sense information for co-parenting.  Creating a healthy co-parenting
relationship will provide your children with the opportunity to get through the separation of his/her
parents and be OK.
Help for divorced parents

Offender Thinking
This page has a list of behaviors one might see in someone who has offender traits.  Offender traits
are found in peoples who attempt to control others in situations like domestic violence and sexual
Offender Thinking Document

If you struggle with anxiety this site offers information on this issue.
Relaxation techniques are an important skill to develop to assist in relieving anxiety.  This site offers
several good relaxation techniques.

Self-Empowerment: Choosing a Mental Health Professional in California
The Board of Behavioral Sciences (the governing body for mental health professionals) provides
information on how to go about choosing a therapist for a family member and/or yourself.
How to choose a therapist

Common Myths About Couples Therapy
This site is a resource for addressing common preconceived notions people may have about attending
relationship therapy.  This page will look at 10 myths and focus on the reality of those myths.
Conflict Resolution

Smart Recovery
This resource offers online self-empowering addiction recovery support groups. There are 600
face-to-face meetings around the world weekly and 18 plus online meetings daily.  Check out the
message board at