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Mary Guzik MSW, LCSW
5050 Sunrise Blvd., Suite C-5
Fair Oaks, Ca. 95628
Phone: 916.622.1554
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We respectfully request that sessions are paid for at the time of each appointment by check, cash or credit

We are sorry, but we do not accept or bill insurance companies directly (except *Victim Compensation and
Government Claims Board).  If your insurance company allows for “out of network” providers, we can give
you a statement of charges for your submission to obtain reimbursement.

The Benefits and Risks of Utilizing Mental Health Insurance:
There are benefits and risks associated with using insurance to pay for therapy. The advantage of utilizing
insurance benefits is a reduction in the financial expense. However, typically insurance companies require
the therapist to assign a mental health diagnosis, which will become a part of the medical record. In some
cases the diagnosis can impact one’s ability to obtain health insurance or life insurance in the future.

*We do accept Victim Compensation funding through
Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board,  
We Offer A Free
½ Hour Initial Phone Consultation
(916) 622-1554