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Victim Compensation Program
Funding through Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board can help victims and family members
by paying for therapy.  Those who have been hurt by a crime such as domestic violence, child abuse, sexual
assault, molestation, murder of a family member, assault, robbery, drunk driving, vehicular manslaughter
of a family member, or a child who was removed from his/her parents’ custody by Child Protective Services
may qualify for free therapy.  If you qualify, and if the focus of therapy is related to the victimization, The
Victim Compensation Program will pay for your therapy.  To see is you qualify, go to

Quick Quizzes Exploring Relationship Concerns
Some of the tests include:

  • Communication Skills
  • Relationship readiness
  • Do you fight fair?
  • Are you short-tempered?    

Just to name a few, so
take the quiz

Relationship Satisfaction, Depression, and Anxiety Questionnaire
David Burns, M.D., author of several books including Feeling Good; The New Mood Therapy, offers helpful
questionnaires that can give you a sense as to whether you are struggling with:
Depression Screening.doc
Anxiety Screening.doc
Relationship Satisfaction

The Help Guide
This website has some good information on several subjects.  Under the Family & Relationships category,
Relationship Help, there are several helpful topics giving relationship information.  My favorite is the Fair
Fighting Rules.
Help Guide